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Choosing Your Vape Tank

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The tank is the most identifiable device in the whole vaping kit, and is the place where the magic liquid resides.

There are dozens available, most of which have to do with the look and feel of the device when they are screwed on, and their compatibility with resistance levels.

Those who have some vaping experience and knowledge will know that the tanks are either referred to more accurately as clearomizers or cartomizers. They hold the heating element, that is, the coil, and the liquid, and are the place where the vaporizing process takes place.

While most of the transparent tanks are going to look almost the same, especially when you are shopping for vape tanks in UAE online, it is best to take a look at their specifications and features in detail before buying one.

Once you've done a little bit of reading, you will realize that a limited number of manufacturing companies seem to be making the cut in the reviews and guides available. It is models made by these companies that you should stick to for the best performance and reliability.

Vape Tank Types

Rebuildable tanks will almost never have to be replaced unless they have been seriously damaged or cracked through something like a fall. This is unlikely to happen with the more reliable models at low impact.

Thus the only thing that you will have to change as you go is the coil, which is going to blow out over several weeks.

The other type is disposable, which means they are meant for short-term use, and will have to be replaced once they burn out.

The key advantage is that they deliver an easy and accessible way for people new to vaping, to enjoy the activity through a small price.

Vape Tank Build

The large majority of tanks sold today fall in the plastic, glass, or metal categories.


Plastic Vape Tank in UAE

As far as the plastic variety is concerned, we would say despite its affordable pricetags, is the one that is best avoided. The main reason is since plastics are materials that degrade easily, the interaction with e-liquids overtime is bound to affect the integrity and function of the tank.


A better and in fact much more common and reliable option is glass tanks. These also look a lot cooler, as you see the color of the e-liquid making an appearance as well.

Glass tanks also offer more impressive technical features, which means better airflow during the vaping process, resulting in a great overall feeling.

As with any other material made of glass, this means having to be really careful though, because as we mentioned, a heavy fall will crack and damage the part, warranting that you buy a new one.


Steel tanks are quite rare, and usually come in the form of a casing for cover the plastic or glass tanks.

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