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Healthier alternatives for cigarettes

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Smokefreebrain brings experts and professionals to find new ways of minimizing smokers’ rate in the world. They are made of experts in health informatics, health economics, behavioral therapy, neuroscience, pulmonary science, as well as toxicology.

These experts will bring their own ideas to examine different strategies and processes to find out alternatives to reduce the smoke free rate in the society. It’s basically for health reasons, and they are targeting high risks persons from middle to high income countries. Patients with severe pulmonary diseases and asthma patients are the targets of this study, although they will still look into the ant-smoking strategies to adopt for people at potential risk of other health problems.

What are their objectives?

SmokeFreeBrain’s main concern is to evaluate the efficiency of public health service and how e-cigarettes can be used to minimize the effect on smoking normal cigarettes. It’s their aim to look into the facts and studies carried out on the alternative form of cigarettes. The group will also examine the health impact of smoking nicotine and nicotine-free e-cigarettes. With their research and findings, it will help determine the safest way for smokers to live a healthier life while providing them with smoking alternatives.

Developing informative tool

In addition, the group will try out their latest neuro feedback tool known as SoLoMo. The tool combines the use of text messaging, mobile apps, and social media to provide help for smokers who want to quit. This is a good development because the app will have an interactive group where smokers can get help anytime of the day. Through the app, the group plans to provide helpful tips and recommendations to smokers looking for alternative methods of taking nicotine without smoking.

It also educates those on the real challenges they may face and how to overcome those challenges when they have decided to quit smoking.

What they have to say

Project coordinator, Panagotis Bamidis, in a statement said that “smoking is definitely the biggest preventable cause of several diseases such as premature mortality, morbidity, and lung diseases throughout the world.  The main goal of the group is to provide important information about a cost-effective and innovative way of intervening and stopping serious smoking habits.

With the information, they intend to increase the public awareness and policies to minimize the number of smokers in the world. With this awareness and education, they would help a lot of people prevent cancer and other diseases.

Where the project has commenced

At the moment, the project has commenced, with intervention hospitals and laboratories in Taiwan, UK, Serbia, Cyprus, Italy, Spain, Greece, and Bulgaria.  The group is using more than 500 study subjects to carry out their research and draw a conclusion. They will be examined for more than a year to draw a conclusive data and produce proper result.

Overall, it’s seen by many that SmokeFreeBrain is a wonderful project setup by a team of experts in the field. With their research and study, it’s believed there will be massive awareness on the need for alternative way of smoking or a complete way of quitting entirely.

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