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For the last decade or so we have been hearing the debate about vaping, its pros, cons, should it be banned or not and how does it overtake conventional smoking? It is an acceptable fact that vaping has gained immense popularity since its inception as compared to conventional way of smoking cigarettes.

High in demand

E-cigarettes are in high demand all over the globe and people who are getting to know this concept are falling head over heels for them. What’s the reason of its hype and how has it gained so much attention in such less time? Let us tell you as we explain some of the benefits of vaping in this blog.

No Harmful Chemicals

We all know that traditional cigarettes are full of chemicals and harmful toxins. These include, cyanide, nicotine, ammonia, arsenic, carbon monoxide, lead and many more. According to experts 24 deadly chemicals are produced while smoking and all these lead to some kind of cancer. 

On the contrast, vape juices don’t contain such lethal chemicals and the ingredients in E-liquid are food grade flavours and are approved by FDA.

Less hazardous to health

Conventional smoking leads to different types of cancer like lung, mouth, throat and also results in respiratory and cardiovascular diseases. Over the years we are aware of the fact that smoking in injurious to health and can be life threatening for all kind of smokers, let it be regular or chain smokers.

Vaping is less addictive

Conventional smoking leads to addiction due to the presence of nicotine and caffeine in the tobacco and this results in smokers finding it hard to quit. But in e-cigarettes that are commercially available doesn’t contain any nicotine and that’s why they are considered as non-addictive. Even if some brands use nicotine, it is used in very minute amounts.

E-cigarettes assist in quitting smoking

A number of conventional smokers turn to e-cigarettes for quitting the toxic smoking. According to statistics collected from all over the world, it is known that a majority of smokers have quitted smoking by using vaping as an aid.

Availability of a number of flavours

The only flavour you get while smoking conventional cigarettes is not even liked my smokers themselves, let alone the people around them. But, this is not the case in vaping as there is a variety of flavours to choose from. Choose any flavour that you prefer like apple, strawberry, caramel, menthol, chocolate and cherry etc.

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