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How are e-cigs and cigarettes different?

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Scientists have divided opinion regarding the benefits and risks of e-cigarettes because of incomplete data. While some belief that they constitute health hazards, others are of a different opinion, citing that e-cigarettes are safer than tobacco.

How are e-cigs and cigarettes different?

In a lot of ways, the modern e-cigarettes are no different from their conventional paper alternative. The design and entire structure bear the same resemblance to normal cigarettes. They provide the same nicotine, although the modernized one is powered by battery. But while the usual cigarette produces a natural fume when exhaled, your e-cig comes with a LED at the base that glows classic red, green, or blue when they are puffed. So, are e-cigarettes really harmful and are they a safer alternative to the conventional cigarettes? We can keep lingering on to provide the right answer to this question due to inconclusive evidence. But let’s see what we can do to do justice to the question.

Are e-cigarettes harmful?

E-cigarettes, equally referred to as electronic nicotine or personal vaporizers, are arguably the most unsettling devices that public health researchers have ever faced. These researchers opinion are divided and they have not yet come to an agreement on whether e-cigarettes are harmful to health or not.

There’s short supply of evidence from both fractions (those for and those against). But as the debate keeps pushing on, more brands of e-cigarettes are being produced on a regular basis from Chinese manufacturing firms. Even regular cigarette manufacturers have joined this trend. Some of them now have their own brand of e-cigarettes competing favorably with other brands in the market.

Some countries like Brazil and Singapore have completely banned the products while some other countries have stringent laws against its use just like normal tobacco.

But it’s interesting to note that more people are taking a U-turn from regular consumption of traditional cigarettes and taking solace in e-cigarettes.

Why is e-cig consumption increasing?

In a bid to reduce the health hazards associated with the normal cigarettes, so many people have turned to e-cigs.

Some have experienced lesser sore throat and lesser fatigue. In fact, the major argument for those in support of e-cigarettes is the testimonies of e-cigarettes consumers who formally consume the traditional cigarettes.

In a study conducted in University of California in 2014, there were about 480 e-cigarette brands across different regions of the world as against 250 brands in 2012. There is no doubt that manufacturing of e-cigs have increased as demand for these devices have increased. While some experts are of the opinion that there should be stringent laws on its production and use, others believe they should allow its use.

How user experience can throw more light

No doubt the best form of research is through users’ experience. From the various studies, researchers will be able to gather enough evidence to either support or dispute the use of e-cigarettes. But for now, no fraction has come to compromise regarding the health benefits or risks of e-cigarettes. But with time, it’s believed that the truth will be known whether e-cigarettes constitute a health challenge like their traditional cigarette or not.

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