Myle Pound Cake Flavor - 10 packs


Dhs. 490.00 Dhs. 1,000.00

MYLE Replacement (Pound Cake Flavor)

If you are a person, who enjoy sweet cakes and cookies, this taste was created for you. When you taking off the stoppers from the bottom and top sides of the pods, you can feel a sweet flavor of vanilla, as if you are cutting a slice of cake.

This flavor associates with a birthday party or anniversary, so if you prefer to organize a small party, we recommend you to buy some pods with pound cake flavor for you and for your friends.

We are ready to perform you special proposition for real fans of sweet tastes, so you can buy 10 packs with 40 pods inside for a reasonable price.

The Main Features of Pound Cake Replacement Pods:

  • 10 packs with 40 pods inside;
  • About 240 puffs;
  • A magnetic connection;
  • Flavor of sweet pound cake.

A flavor of a pound cake will be a great choice for everyday routine. Imagine, that you have a very busy day and you want to have a rest for some minutes, so pound cake e-liquid and your favorite MYLE will help you to relax and enjoy your break.

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