Welcome to DV, the First Ever Vape Store in Dubai, UAE!



A Diverse Range of Vaping Products

Initiated by a group of avid vapers just like you, the aim of Dubai Vapers is to provide premium quality vapes to all those who enjoy vaping. We believe that by bringing vapes directly to Dubai, we can not only cater to the vape-loving community but also inspire others to switch from smokers to vapers.

Vaping might be a sophisticated and modern concept, but it also offers a healthier alternative to smoking. It’s fun, it’s the newest trend, and it’s a lot better than tobacco products and cigarettes. Seeing the lack of direct vape stores in UAE, we started our first-ever online vape shop in Dubai, making vapes easily accessible to the people.

Our range of e-liquids, vaping devices, and accessories is a diverse one, bringing to you the best of flavors/hyped Brands and a unique variety to choose from. This makes the concept of vaping dynamic and enjoyable for all, allowing more people to switch to vapes and avoid tobacco-comprising products.Our products are available to purchase for all those above 21 and we are also open to providing our supplies to those who want to walk in our steps and enhance the concept of vaping in the community.

Dubai Vapers: Here To Help

We’re a community-centered group. With us, our community and the people of our community always come first. This is why we are always here to help.If you’re new to concept of vaping or are willing to try it for the first time, we’d be happy to help to choose the right products! Similarly, if you’ve made this decision to switch to vaping, we are more than ready to support you in this endeavor. Simply contact us for any questions or information required.Vape on peeps!