As we all know, variety is the spice of life — and the world of vaping is blessed with so much variety to experience. Which type of e-cig should you go for? a Big kit ? a small kit ? or a disposable ? Maybe you are tempted by MYLE for its flavor cartridges, or will you opt for SMOK long life spare coils ?

All these decisions mean there is an almost unlimited amount of different experiences to be had from vaping — and the choices don’t even stop once you’ve picked your vaping gear.

How you choose to inhale your e-liquid once it turns to vapor is something that many vapers don’t take too much time to consider, but it can play a huge role the enjoyment you get from your vape.

Here at Dubai Vapers, we regularly receive emails and comments from vapers about issues with inhaling the vapor, or struggling to get a satisfying vape from their purchase. More often than not, it comes down to how you’re taking in the vapor — whether you’re inhaling it into your mouth, then your lungs, or inhaling straight to your lungs.

We’ve put together this detailed guide on the two styles of vaping, enabling you to get the best out of your Myle , Vaporesso or SMOK , or any other e-juice / Vape device you use.

Time to get your geek on!

Brunette woman vape Smok G80 eCig device

Mouth-to-Lung (MTL) vaping guide

The more common form of inhalation, mouth-to-lung vaping, is somewhat self-explanatory. When taking a draw from your e-cig, the idea is to initially bring the vapor into your mouth. After that, you inhale once again to ease the vapor down towards your lungs. As the early generations of e-cigarettes (and all tobacco cigarettes or cigars) are only really able to be consumed this way, MTL vaping quickly became the accepted norm.

Whilst the vast majority of vape kits and popular e-juice, like MYLE PODS, are designed to be easily vaped the MTL way, there are a few things to look out for if you’re hoping to get the most out of your vaping experience.


Direct-to-Lung (DTL) vaping guide

Also known as straight-to-lung (STL) and direct lung inhalation (DLI), this is a slightly more advanced technique that, if performed correctly, can boost your vaping experience. Rather than holding the vapor in your mouth, DTL requires a slightly stronger approach, inhaling the e-juice down towards your lungs in one motion. This often means you’ll use more of your Cue Vapor or other e-liquid cartridge in one go, but the results are a more intense hit and a more impressive vape cloud.

Unsurprisingly, then, the DTL method requires different tech than the MTL approach to be enjoyable. Sub-ohm coils are preferred; this creates the vapor and the hit that you desire. Plus-ohm coils will often generate poor results, along with a low-powered battery, as you’ll struggle to heat the e-juice to the required temperature.

As for e-liquid, aim for products that are high-VG, instead of high-PG, as this also contributes greatly to the creation of large Vape clouds. Low nicotine levels in your e-juice is advised, to ensure you aren’t overwhelmed by the combination of a large throat hit and nicotine intake.

MTL vs DTL: What’s the Best Way to Inhale?

Choosing between the MTL and DTL methods mostly comes down to two things: your experience as a vaper, and the equipment you own.

The DTL approach is often something that requires some practice to really nail. Even when performed correctly, the hit you get can sometimes be a little extreme, so it’s best to work your way up to this approach through slowly switching from MTL.

During the transition, you’ll have to use different vape kits, including larger batteries and coils, to get the desired effect. Some of the most modern e-cigs, like the superb SMOK POLAR KIT , come with multiple coil types, so you can choose to set it up for different styles of inhalation.

If you try to vape straight to your lungs with fairly entry-level equipment, the chances of dry hits and other unpleasant experiences can be high, as this type of vaping equipment is more suited to MTL. Similarly, if you mod your vape kit out with powerful gear and decide to switch back to MTL vaping, overheating and spitting out unwanted e-juice is a possibility.

It may be tempting to join your buddies in some Cloud chasing and sub-ohm vaping, but you have to ensure you have the right kit in your hand to make it both enjoyable and safe.

Only certain products and setups work well with the DTL method, and it also uses up more e-liquid than MTL to pull off. In terms of economy and variety, then, it’s no match for the more standard MTL approach. But, if you’re mad about vaping and focus on getting the right technology in your vape kit, you’ll get a more intense experience from vaping straight to your lungs.

It’s all about preference and the way you like to vape.